Expert Advice -Nedalee Thomas

Q:What are the differences in results that one will get from dating websites that offer instant gratification (i.e. swiping left and right) v.s. those that provide a more in depth look at the persons personality.

Getting to know someone and deciding whether or not they are someone you would want to date goes much deeper than merely making a judgement off of one photograph. The more questions answered in an online dating profile and the more photos offered, the better sense you can get of their personality.

Q: How can curvy men and women overcome challenges that online dating poses?

Be honest about your weight and show full figure photos instead of trying to hide it or fudge the numbers.

Q: What’s your Number 1 Tip for Curvy Singles in regards to online dating?

Don’t post provocative pictures or you will likely attract the type of partner who only wants a physical relationship.

Q: What’s your Number 1 mistake people make when online dating?

Getting attached and sharing intimate details before you have even met face to face. It’s easy to create a picture of that person in your head and enjoy the back and forth email and phone conversations but until you have physically met them you shouldn’t let yourself get attached. They could be completely different than you were expecting and you can be sorely disappointed.

Q: What’s your best advice on what to talk about or ask a prospective match when you are messaging them for the first time online?

Find out how they spend their free time currently, and the types of things they would like to do with their free time and when they are with you.

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-Nedalee Thomas


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