Expert Advice -Rosalind Sedacca

Q: What are the differences in results that one will get from dating websites that offer instant gratification (i.e. swiping left and right) v.s. those that provide a more in depth look at the persons personality.

Websites are like books. Some are about fluff, pictures and light entertainment. Others are filled with valuable information, useful tips and helpful insights. Relationships demand attention, depth and wisdom if they are going to succeed. Looking at personality traits, background, interests and commonalities is a smarter way to get started on happier, more rewarding dating experiences. 

Q: How can curvy men and women overcome challenges that online dating poses?

Meeting on Curves eases the way to a happier and more fulfilling dating experience. There’s so much more to focus on beyond curves and body types. So dig in and get started. Curves makes it easy to meet and find a great partner.

Q: What’s your Number 1 Tip for Curvy Singles in regards to online dating?

Love and respect yourself for who you are at this moment. Don’t hide. Explore all possibilities and show the world your assets — internal as well as external!

Q: What’s your Number 1 mistake people make when online dating?

Not being cautious and taking it slowly. Dating is a marathon experience, not a sprint. Take your time and really get to know your dates. Listen to your inner radar warnings. Be prepared to step away if you don’t feel right about who you’re with, where and why.

Q: What’s your best advice on what to talk about or ask a prospective match when you are messaging them for the first time online?

Find out what they do for a living and what they like to do in their off-time. That will give you plenty to chat, share and discover about one another.


-Rosalind Sedacca

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