Politics & Dating With Courtney Geter

Politics & DatingQ: Please list three tips for keeping conversations neutral when politics come up on a date?

A: 1. Focus on getting to know your dates personality, hobbies, and interests. This will prevent unwanted anxiety and awkward pauses or silences in conversation. Choose a date location that will avoid political talks and focus on your shared interest. In other words, a political rally is not a good date choice so why not check out the newest comedy club in town?

2. If politics enter the conversation, you have a right to change the conversation back to another topic! Politely state your preference for a change in conversation or show interest in a certain topic such as your date’s last travel adventure, your date’s paintball excursion, or anything else!)

3. If your date is around campaigning or voting time, don’t wear attire indicating your political party. It’s not as easy to change clothes as it is to change the topic of conversation. Wear attire fitting for the occasion or event.

Q: Is it ever okay to discuss politics on a date?

A: Politics are a part of life and culture. We can’t avoid them forever though there are times and place for these conversations. I don’t recommend discussing these in the early stages of dating such has the very first date or even first few months. Politic is appropriate when respect is established, and you both might have to “agree to disagree.”

Q: How do you tell someone that you are on a date with that you don’t want to talk about politics?

A: If the politics enters the conversation and you feel uncomfortable, then let your date know this is topic you’d like to talk about in the future and suggest another topic such has a hobby, recent trip, local venue, etc. Another way to let someone know up front about topics you’d like to avoid in the early stages of dating is stating this on your dating profile or in messages before you meet in person. There is nothing wrong with assertive conversation and keeping your boundaries with another person!

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 Courtney Geter

Sex & Relationship Therapist



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