Politics & Dating With Robert Crutchfield

Politics & DatingQ: Please list three tips for keeping conversations neutral when politics come up on a date? 

A: 1) Find out how important politics are to your date before mentioning anything political.

2) Find out what you can about their other interests first. Take clues from this. For instance an evangelical Christian will tend to be conservative on social issues, or a blue collar worker might be more in favor of minimum wage increases for example.

3) Leave “third rail” topics like politics until later in a first date, or better yet a later date.

Q: Is it ever okay to discuss politics on a date?

A: Yes, but always exercise more caution when the relationship is new. Bear in mind politics are very important to some people.If your date is one of those people avoiding the topic entirely will likely doom the relationship.

Q: How do you tell someone that you are on a date with that you don’t want to talk about politics?

A: First always acknowledge their interest. Then say something like ” That’s really interesting, but I’m burned out on politics right now. ” or “I’d like to talk about that sometime, but I’m in a mood for something more relaxing at the moment.”Crutchfield

Robert Crutchfield

Pastor/Christian Blogger



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